Logistics Contacts

Curtis Graves Logistics

Phone: 208-934-4451 Ext. 507  •  Direct Line: 208-732-4507

What do you like about the trucking industry?

The thing about trucking is that it is an ever changing and evolving industry. Before D&D I never understood the importance of trucking, but after working in the industry for years I have a new appreciation for this industry. Trucking is the center for all freight; a truck ultimately has to deliver goods to a store whether it was transported by air or sea. Not only are the logistics of trucking amazing, but so are the coworkers, customers, carriers, brokers, and drivers that have become my friends over the 18 years I have been with D&D.

Jake Gold General Manager

Phone: 208-934-4451 Ext. 535  •  Direct Line: 208-732-4535

What do you like about the trucking industry?

What is unique about D&D?

D&D is unique because of the trust that customers have in us to move freight in a timely manner with open communication. Carriers know that at D&D they are getting the best deal possible. The environment at D&D is always conducive to setting goals and having the tools available to reach them.