QualComm MCP200 Unit

April 01, 2010

D&D Transportation has selected QualComm’s MCP200 unit. We are currently upgrading our current QualComm systems with the MCP200. These units feature the most advanced communication technology, giving us an instant two-way text to speech communication with our drivers, electronic logging, content delivery enabling us to send PDF files to our drivers, along with safety training videos, an integrated navigation system, critical event reporting giving us real time information on both driver and vehicle performance, Wi-Fi,3G,GPRS, Satellite capability, in cab scanning, frequent positioning and Geofencing.

This is a robust and user friendly platform featuring a large color touch screen and sliding keyboard. This technology enables our back office operations to increase productivity and provide real time communication for our customers, while simplifying the driver’s job.

The text-to-voice function allows drivers to instantly listen to messages coming from their dispatchers, without having to pull over to read the message, this saves an enormous amount of time for the driver, which in turn increases a drivers overall productivity.

With Electronic logging, drivers can drive with greater confidence which equals increased productivity, efficiency on driving hours, and more miles. The unit alerts the driver when their hours about to expire. Drivers no longer have to fill out a manual log, which saves the driver time. Electronic logging makes things easier for the driver, they can focus on driving, and not worry about calculating hours, the system does all of this for them in real time. It also integrates with our back office system allowing our dispatchers and load planners to plan loads for the drivers with real time hour information seen by our office personal.

The integrated GPS navigation system allows the drivers to visually view directions onscreen, while also audibly giving the drivers accurate truck route directions to their destinations. Drivers can focus more on driving and driving conditions and not worry about in cab distractions.

Drivers now have the ability to scan documents into the office via the in cab scanning device. We now have the ability to receive instant Bills of Lading, and other documents right from the cab of the drivers unit.

We are excited for this new technology that offers an unsurpassed technological advancement in the industry. Every aspect of our business will improve with the investment we have made in the MCP200.

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