A New Year in Trucking Calls for a Reset

6 Ways to Foster Culture in Trucking

The trucking industry is one of the most challenging sectors in business today, and because the work is hard, it is critical to create connections and showcase what is most important in keeping the culture strong. A strong culture is necessary for the most successful operation and we have found that there are 7 important aspects of our business that help in fostering a robust culture. They are as follows:

  1. Caring, respectful and authentic leadership
  2. Unity brought about by connection and confidence in each other
  3. Clear, consistent, and transparent Communications
  4. Opportunity and potential for business and people
  5. Ownership, participation, and contribution from everyone
  6. Technology and innovation

While there will always be challenges in business, cultural pillars like these can help to stabilize a thriving operation, and we have found that over the past year, we had lost our way in sustaining what was most important to us and our colleagues. We did some research to determine what has been missing or needed work. We found an opportunity in the following areas and are motivated to see them through.

Ownership, Encouragement, and Opportunities for Collaborations

Show employees that you are listening, taking action and planning for change based on their feedback, and most importantly, following through on the actions needed.

Innovation as a strong value for everyone

Innovation is always strongest in the operational aspects of the company. D&D prides itself on maintaining the highest standards of technology in logistics, fleet management, and CSR. We have found it is also critical to maintaining those standards in all aspects of the business including internal communications. Apply innovation within the entire environment to create efficiencies and connections for a smooth operation and strong culture.

Training and Cross-Training

The need for training, support, and follow-through is critical as is an understanding of how each employee fits into the bigger picture. The effort to develop a strategy for cross-training so all employees have empathy toward their colleagues especially in a taxing industry like trucking. This process will also build continuity and respect for a more collaborative working environment.

Leverage Strengths

Build on the positivity and pride that employees have already recognized and applauded throughout the company. Leverage the strengths that exist in some areas and translate to areas where those strengths might be needed.

This last year has given us all moments of realization and the possibility to pivot. A cultural reset for D&D will be honored and celebrated. We look forward to a year that will define and energize us and give our customers a reason to believe in the work we do and the way we do it. Our cultural reset will show ambition and substance just as our operational investments have shown.

Intention with Action for Unity

So, as we look ahead to 2021, we are intent on learning from our past and look forward to making a better future for ourselves, our drivers, our staff, and our customers. We will recognize our shortcomings and capitalize on our strengths. We will work to unify our D&D family and make it a mission to be a positive force in the hopeful unification of the country as only the trucking industry can. In closing, it is with sincere gratitude, hope, and optimism that we say, Cheers to you and yours for what is sure to be a brighter year!

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