COP21, Climate Change, and How We’re Making a Difference

This week, nearly 150 world leaders have convened in Paris to discuss global climate change. The leaders at this annual conference, called COP21, have a mission: achieve a legally binding and universal agreement on climate, with the aim of keeping global warming below 2 degrees Celsius.

Here at D&D Transportation, we recognize that this responsibility doesn’t lie solely with political leaders, but with each and every one of us. More than ever before, organizations large and small must demonstrate a commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions before it’s too late.

Since transport is responsible for 14 percent of all global greenhouse gas emissions (the first leading economic sector is energy production at 35 percent, and the second is industrial production at 18 percent), we feel it’s important for our industry to help take the lead.

We Take Pride in our Leadership

For the past ten years, D&D has been committed to improving the environmental performance and sustainability of our freight transportation system. We have invested in technology and solutions that reduce overhead, improve productivity, and lower greenhouse gas emissions.


Recently, we were one of only 39 truck carriers in the nation to receive the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s 2015 SmartWay® Excellence Award. This distinction recognizes industry leaders for freight supply chain environmental performance and energy efficiency, and is awarded to only one to two percent of SmartWay® partners each year. (D&D has been a member of the U.S. EPA SmartWay® Transport Partnership since 2009.)

We take our environmental stewardship seriously, and this means working diligently to control excessive fuel consumption and pollutants (such as CO2 and NOx emissions).

Here are a few of our additional contributions*:

  • Driver training and incentives for reduced fuel consumption
  • Latest diesel engine technology
  • Idle reduction strategies such as pre-pass for scales/weigh stations
  • Reduced fuel consumption with direct fired heaters
  • Speed management (trucks governed at 65 MPH)
  • Tire technology for automatic tire inflation

*Find a more comprehensive list here, or find information about our commitment to sustainability by visiting our website.

As the COP21 conference continues through next week, we anticipate exciting global developments to come. After all, according to French President Francois Hollande, “Never have the stakes been so high” when it comes to climate change. While the stakes may be high, we are committed to doing our part so that we can leave a cleaner, healthier environment for future generations.

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