Gratitude Changes Everything

More than a decade ago, we developed our core values with the intention of taking us into the future with a foundation that supports everything we do and how we do it. One of those values is, putting people first above all else because without a great team and supportive culture, the work cannot happen. Our value says it all.

We believe that connection and relationship are more important than the bottom line. If our priority is people, there will always be profit. —D&D Trucking and Transportation Svc.>

And while belief in that single value gives us direction internally, it also applies to our external customer just like all our pillars do. Our priority for relationships shows in all our core values as they act as pillars for every decision made.

1. People First: We believe that connection and relationship are more important than the bottom line. If our priority is people, there will always be profit.

2. Peace of Mind: We feel a responsibility to help make everyone’s job easier and more secure. We have your back.

3. Empowerment: We believe that respect and trust in who we work with and who we work for will pay off in the long run. Inspiring human potential is everything.

4. Perspective: We believe in an approach that is empathetic, proactive, and flexible. We keep our eye on the big picture and everyone’s best interest at heart.

5. Innovative Leadership: Our philosophy drives us forward not only in technology but also in process and approach. We are cutting edge.

Each of our values drives the decisions that we make every day. They define who we are and what matters most. Even innovative leadership applies to our priority for people as technology should not only drive business, it should make the work more efficient for our employees, partners, and customers. These pillars are the foundation of our company and our culture.

We say it over and over again, culture matters, and our attention to it should be undaunted. It is hard work sometimes but the work we put into strengthening our culture is worth it and shows in the teamwork of our internal team, the commitment from our drivers, and the perception we put forward to our customers.

Showing Gratitude in Tangible Ways

Since the pandemic started, the country and the world have become keenly aware of how important truck drivers are in our daily lives. With the driver shortage today and the supply chain challenges, showing drivers appreciation is more than a wave and a thank you. Start by showing appreciation for your teams all year long and not just during driver appreciation week.

Trucking and transportation consultant, HNI outlines some of the ways to show your drivers (and your internal team) just how thankful you are for their services.

  1. Giveaways Daily drawings for various prizes such as iPhones, CB radios, or the latest and greatest tech. Find items your drivers would be interested in and raffle them off daily to keep everyone excited and engaged throughout the week. At the end of the week, raffle off your grand prize of a trip for two to a relaxing destination or another highly valued item provided by your company.
  2. Free Lunch When it comes to food, it tastes best when it's free and I'm sure your drivers would agree! Offer your drivers a free lunch during the week and to crank it up a notch, have leadership cook and serve the meal. Another option is to have packed lunches available for drivers to take on the road with them. Make sure to include a thank you note!
  3. Put it in Writing Sending a simple thank you card to your drivers' home address to your driver and their family goes a long way, especially when it comes directly from the CEO. Your drivers' families truly sacrifice having their loved ones on the road, so it's important to thank them, as well.
  4. Drivers (and Families!) Night Out Organize an evening for drivers and their families for a buffet-style dinner along with a night of games with chances to win prizes. Let your drivers let loose and show appreciation to their families at the same time.
  5. Truck Servicing Wash windows as drivers pull out of your facility or find other ways to jump in on making sure trucks look their best. After all, they are your driver's home away from home.
  6. Gift It Giving your drivers things they can actually use in their day-to-day lives demonstrates you understand the struggles of their daily grind.
Some ideas include:
•	Electric Blanket 
•	Truck Mattress
•	Wireless Bluetooth Headset
•	Pressure Relieving Cushion
•	Shower Kits
•	Audio Books
•	XM Satellite Radio
•	Truck Atlas
•	Portable Vehicle Safe
  1. Test Out Your Radio Voice Call into your local radio stations and give your team a shout-out. Discuss how safe and professional your drivers are and how much they impact not only your company but the economy as a whole. Ask the public to share in thanking your drivers. They deserve it!
  2. List It Compile a list of all retail locations and local restaurants offering specials to drivers during the week or month and hand it out to your drivers.
  3. Get Social Have leadership share on social media what they appreciate most about their drivers. Create a video of exactly why drivers deserve our appreciation. Also, don't be afraid to feature a few of your long-standing road warriors, as well.
  4. Go Beyond One Week Don't forget to appreciate your drivers all year round. Using any of the above options throughout the year to recognize drivers is a great way to let them know just how truly valued they are, this week and always. Some of these ideas are small, some are large but nothing will be taken for granted. Bringing awareness to performance and a pat on the back will go a long way in showing your employees that you see them, you know how hard they work, and the company would not be successful without them.

In a nutshell, while November is traditionally a month where we give thanks, these past two years have made it more important than ever. So, as we sit down at our tables to give thanks for everything the year has given us, let us all give thanks to the companies, teams, and drivers who are responsible for bringing the food to our tables and the necessities for life. They will not be taken for granted and words cannot capture our gratitude for the miles they travel and the work they do on the road, in the shop, and in the office.

With our sincerest gratitude, THANK YOU!


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