7 Social Media Tips for Truckers

Social Media is not just a way to share photos, opinions, and news, it is a strategy that can be remarkably successful even in the trucking industry. But that said, trucking companies are in the business of trucking and may not have the first idea of where to begin. This article will outline 7 tips for social media in trucking which should result in the following goals met.

Build Brand Awareness/Story

Strengthen Relationships

Recruitment and Sales Opportunities

Start with Strategy

Social media management can’t be successful without a plan. It is not just about posting images and stories. It is about posting images and stories that work for you and have some continuity. A Content strategy will help to find the audience you want to attract, locate where they are and what they prefer, and determine the level of engagement that will help you meet your business goals. A strategy is just a plan and will make the process tangible and easier.

Part of that strategy will be to decide what platforms to use. Facebook used to be the main platform for business. That is not the case anymore. LinkedIn is more commonly used for connecting on business and to present thought leadership through blog content and article sharing. Facebook is more successful in social circles like groups where truck drivers can connect. Instagram and tick-toc are used to build relationships and brand awareness.

Your strategy will make the process tangible and provide guidelines on what your social media presence should look and sound like.

Conversations and Content

The trucking industry is huge and there are so many opportunities to find an audience and a following. Search for hashtags to locate content that applies to your goals. Follow competitors to see what you might be missing. Join conversations that are relevant to begin building relationships and awareness. By researching, reading, and following folks in the industry, you can start to see how social media is being used by others which will inform how your company can use it successfully.

The next step is creating content that is consistent and relevant to all platforms. You will create different communities based on the platform you are using. Video is key content for tic-tok and Instagram. Focus on personal experiences or a day-in-the-life of a driver to create compelling content. Articles and blogs are good content for your own website and LinkedIn. They will create brand awareness and build a reputation for thought leadership. Some of the most important factors to remember when creating content include the following:

Factors Never to Forget

  1. Brand Matters: Make sure anyone posting on your social media channels has the brand guidelines so they know what the voice should be and what is important to the brand. All communications are informed by the brand platform and that includes social media. Your social media pretense will represent who you are as a company, and it is critical to be intentional about what you are saying and how you are saying it.
  2. Respond Quickly and Engage Sincerely: Always engage your audience at the moment. Reply to questions as soon as possible. If you are an absent social media manager, your brand will reflect that. Also, ask your own questions and engage sincerely. You will build a following based on your activity and compelling conversations
  3. Photography and Video: Always use high-quality images that are not trademark protected and represent the brand. Also, tell your brand story with visuals and videos. A visual expression will connect back to your brand better than any other tactic. Be intention here as well.
  4. Simplifications: Visuals and copy should be focused, clear and straightforward. Confusing is the enemy of brand so consider your audience and make sure anyone who reads a post will understand it in the way it was intended.
  5. Competitors are not always a threat: Sharing competitive thoughts is welcome and a way to build relationships within the trucking industry. Leverage the social media presence of larger companies. You will gain an audience and knowledge, and resources like recruitment and other strategies. Here are some of the best newsworthy channels that can work for you.

• TruckersNews.com • Heavy Duty Trucking • Fleet Owner • CCJ Digital • Transport Topics • Overdrive

  1. Contact and Conversion: Always make sure that you connect back to the company website or contact information. Social Media engagement is only effective if the audience knows who is having the conversation and how to reach them for more.
  2. Contests and Giveaways with a personal touch: Make contests easy and collect contact information with the contest entrance. Offer discounts on fuel or relevant rewards for following on specific social media channels. Contests and giveaways are the best way to build a following.

Bring your Brand

At D&D trucking and transportation, we talk a lot about how important brand and culture are and we could not be more serious about that when it comes to social media. This is our opportunity to highlight the values and personality of our brand. We can also connect with customers on a personal level and even show relationships with vendors, partners, and perhaps even competitors. Here are some content ideas that will always connect back to the brand.

• Brand History and Story • Highlight the what we do but also the WHY • Customer reviews and testimonials • Employee stories and testimonials • Showcase your expertise and your experts

These are just a few ways to implement your social media strategy but the important thing to note is consistency and focused attention. If you don’t have a dedicated person to social media management, you are likely to fail. You will do best to have multiple people involved in social media but a single person to manage the day-to-day execution making sure the goals of the strategy are being applied and met. Social media can seem overwhelming but with the right strategy, and the right person to execute, it can present leads and spread the brand reputation that you are proud of.





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