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As we have discussed in our previous blog post, social media is not always easy for those working in the trucking industry. But as we said, trucking companies that focus on a social strategy can benefit greatly by building brand awareness, strengthening relationships and recruitment and sales opportunities. This article will focus on what channels are trending in trucking and individual truck drivers that are doing it right. We hope it will provide a picture of just what success in social media will look like.

Learn from Following Along

As we said last month, Competitors are not always a threat. The best social media in the trucking industry come from sharing the expertise of other companies. While you are spreading important and rich content, you are also building social relationships within the trucking industry. You will gain an audience, knowledge, and resources for recruitment and sales that are working for other successful companies. If you have not already started following these companies, do it today.

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Social Circles Have Shifted Slightly

In 2019, a survey of drivers by Truckers News found that Facebook was by far the social media platform of choice of truckers. 63% of the drivers surveyed said they use Facebook. Only 18 percent of drivers said they use no social media platform.

The comparison of other social channels looked like this:

• 54 percent for YouTube • 15 percent for Instagram • 14 percent for LinkedIn • 13 percent for Twitter • 11 percent for Pinterest

Since the pandemic, those figures have shifted adding additional platforms to the mix but Facebook is still leading and it is likely based on the age and demographic of the majority of truck drivers. Randall-Reilly Market Intelligence suggests that in 2022, nearly 96 percent of truckers surveyed said they have their own Facebook accounts and either use them or see them uses as a practical tool for finding new drivers, updating employment listings, and promoting a company culture.

The study also validated that age appeared to correlate more with adoption of smart phones and use of social media than with use of the internet in general. While truck drivers are using the internet, that does not necessarily mean they are on social platforms. But the good news is it means they are logged into their smart devices and recruiting trends are shifting younger which means it is only a matter of time before the industry embraces the advantages of social media in marketing and brand building.

Top 10 Social Sites trending in the U.S.

Social media channels have grown during the pandemic considering how may people were forced to stay home in front of computers and smart phones. There were even some social platforms developed during this time, but the list of most popular social sites include what Americans might expect. They are as follows:

  1. Youtube
  2. Facebook
  3. Instagram
  4. Pinterest
  5. Linkedin
  6. Snapchat
  7. Twitter
  8. WhatsApp
  9. TikTok
  10. Reddit

One of the reasons Instagram follows Facebook is because they are owned by meta and can be used together to reach a broader audience. Primarily an image and video platform, Instagram has become quite popular in some of truck driving circles and understandably so. Life on the road can present some pretty spectacular views and some interesting situations that most of the country will never experience. had a list of several Instagram profiles in trucking. Some of them are defunct but we picked 5 we think you'll enjoy. Give them a look and while you are at it, do a search for trucking on Instagram and you will find hundreds more to follow.

  1. Twisted Truckers If you need a laugh sometimes, then you need to follow this account. They also have a Facebook page they promote that you might as well check out as well. The memes they post alone are worth following this account. If you want a good Chris Farley and Trucking themed meme, your wait is over.
  2. Big Cat Trucker This online and television personality was made famous on the Travel Channel in 2009, chronicling his career in the trucking industry. He also has plenty of videos on YouTube and is never boring to watch. He focuses mostly on driving in the Southwest in his travels. But with his years of fame, who knows what he’ll be up to next or where he’ll go next?
  3. Healthy Trucker This Instagram trucking account is inspired by the popular website which encourages truckers and their families to care about health. We can’t say enough about the need for promotion of healthier living while working a truck-driving career. They have articles online about healthier foods, how to stop back and neck pain, and how to stay hydrated in the summer heat.
  4. sassykattsworld This account is managed by a “truckers wife traveling, living life, capturing the moments along the way with a cell phone.” She has sweet posts that will make you pause in an otherwise non-stop workday. We love the concept of this account so much. You always think of trucking as a lonely life away from your family. But this account proves the couple that hits the road together can withstand any weather.
  5. truckersjourney This trucking account on Instagram is run by an owner operator who drives cross-country. His imagery is a great mix of light-hearted and serious. If you want to beef up good trucking content in your feed, you need to follow along on this trucker’s journey for sure.

Getting Started Can Be Easy

So, if you are a truck driver looking to create an identity or a trucking company looking to promote your brand, it’s important to know what you need from your social media sites. You need to know which platform is best for you based on the audience(s) they speak to. You need to know which sites your target audience uses, and you need to have the right capabilities and certain expertise to manage more than a single site.

Because Facebook is the largest social media site in the world with more than two billion people using it monthly, it seems like the low hanging fruit. Further proof is that more than 200 million businesses already use Facebook tools and more than seven million advertisers are building business on Facebook daily. The good news is that it is an accessible platform, easy and intuitive to use. Unlike other sites, you can use images, video and other content to promote your business. For more on getting started, check out this guide to marketing your business on Facebook.


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